Percent of Department Records from Palm Beach Gardens

Florida Database
PositionOfficer NameRecordPolice Dept.Badge NumberCurrent Assignment
SergeantNouman RajaPDFAtlantis
SergeantRandall AndersonPalm Beach Gardens319
SergeantRandy BuntinPDFPalm Beach Gardens349TAC
SergeantGeorge ClayPalm Beach Gardens120
SergeantJohnathan EvansPalm Beach Gardens184Traffic
SergeantJavier GarciaPalm Beach Gardens
SergeantRichard GeistPalm Beach Gardens130
SergeantMarc GlassPalm Beach Gardens293
SergeantTodd GrossmanPalm Beach Gardens297Detectives
SergeantEd GuillenPalm Beach Gardens296
SergeantGreg MullPDFPalm Beach Gardens347
SergeantRobert OdellPDFPalm Beach Gardens180
SergeantBethany RigneyPDFPalm Beach Gardens333
SergeantJoseph SheehanPalm Beach Gardens136Training
SergeantGeorge SmithPalm Beach Gardens145Detectives
SergeantGeoffrey SoulePalm Beach Gardens356
SergeantAndrew SpraggPDFPalm Beach Gardens159
SergeantTodd ThomasPDFPalm Beach Gardens144
SergeantRobert WilsonPDFPalm Beach Gardens279
Police OfficerDaniel AbrairaPalm Beach Gardens402
Police OfficerPeter AdornoPalm Beach Gardens420
Police OfficerGregory AllenPDFPalm Beach Gardens220Traffic
Police OfficerMatthew ArnoldPalm Beach Gardens441
Police OfficerJonathan AndrewsPalm Beach Gardens338TAC
Police OfficerNicolas ArlottaPDFPalm Beach Gardens414
Police OfficerRobert AyalaPalm Beach Gardens418
Police OfficerChristopher BaezPalm Beach Gardens424
Police OfficerCheryl BahrPalm Beach Gardens189
Police OfficerSteven BasingerPalm Beach Gardens428
Police OfficerEdgar Batista-MartinezPalm Beach Gardens439
Police OfficerDennis BeathPalm Beach Gardens334
Police OfficerAlexis BehruePalm Beach Gardens359
Police OfficerBoschen, RobertPalm Beach Gardens348
Police OfficerVasilios BoubourasPDFPalm Beach Gardens303Detective
Police OfficerEric BowePDFPalm Beach Gardens345Detective
Police OfficerJohn BoylePDFPalm Beach Gardens156
Police OfficerJennifer BrashearPalm Beach Gardens288Detective
Police OfficerBryan BroehmPDFPalm Beach Gardens302Detective
Police OfficerBilly BunchPalm Beach Gardens224
Police OfficerShane BurnsPalm Beach Gardens324K9
Police OfficerAbigail CarbucciaPalm Beach Gardens430
Police OfficerGary CarmackPDFPalm Beach Gardens152
Police OfficerKim CesarkPalm Beach Gardens290Detective
Police OfficerRob ChristoffersPalm Beach Gardens208
Police OfficerStacy ClaytonPalm Beach Gardens276
Police OfficerPhilip CollettiPDFPalm Beach Gardens358
Police OfficerMitchell ConnertonPalm Beach Gardens421
Police OfficerTim ConnorsPDFPalm Beach Gardens201
Police OfficerKarl CooperPalm Beach Gardens283
Police OfficerMaria DiazPalm Beach Gardens195
Police OfficerNeil DorePalm Beach Gardens326
Police OfficerOrlando ElcockPDFPalm Beach Gardens327
Police OfficeIvan FantauzziPDFPalm Beach Gardens200
Police OfficerStephen FeePDFPalm Beach Gardens141
Police OfficerKevin FolmarPDFPalm Beach Gardens202Traffic
Police OfficerAnton FranksPalm Beach Gardens346TAC
Police OfficerThomas GittoPDFPalm Beach Gardens196
Police OfficerTiffany GlassPalm Beach Gardens213
Police OfficerRafael GuadalupePalm Beach Gardens332
Police OfficerBethany GuerrieroPalm Beach Gardens321
Police OfficerMelinda HantonPalm Beach Gardens305Traffic
Police OfficerKathleen HatchettPDFPalm Beach Gardens223
Police OfficerDorian HawkinsPDFPalm Beach Gardens322Detective
Police OfficerTatsuaki HayashiPalm Beach Gardens408
Police OfficerAlexander HubaPalm Beach Gardens425
Police OfficerRobert HughesPalm Beach Gardens343
Police OfficerDavid KahnPDFPalm Beach Gardens310
Police OfficerDarcey KnevelbaardPalm Beach Gardens436
Police OfficerRalph KranchickPDFPalm Beach Gardens309Traffic
Police OfficerJeneve LabossierePDFPalm Beach Gardens357
Police OfficerTimothy LawrencePDFPalm Beach Gardens284Traffic
Police OfficerGary LeBlancPalm Beach Gardens363
Police OfficerPaul Leffler Jr.Palm Beach Gardens376Detective
Police OfficerJordan LeskowPalm Beach Gardens429
Police OfficerEleanora LovejoyPalm Beach Gardens190PIO
Police OfficerJeffrey MainPDFPalm Beach Gardens109Traffic
Police OfficerRichard MorettiPalm Beach Gardens205Detective
Police OfficerJulio NievesPDFPalm Beach Gardens329DEA
Police OfficerFrancine O’BrienPalm Beach Gardens435
Police OfficerKevin O'ConnorPalm Beach Gardens210Telecomm
Police OfficerBethany O’DellPalm Beach Gardens442
Police OfficerRichard PearcePDFPalm Beach Gardens325K9
Police OfficerNouman RajaPalm Beach Gardens438
Police OfficerMatthew RayPalm Beach Gardens415
Police OfficerPeter ReynoldsPDFPalm Beach Gardens320
Police OfficerVeronica RodriguezPalm Beach Gardens209
Police OfficerTim RomanPDFPalm Beach Gardens197Traffic/Motor
Police OfficerVictor RosadoPalm Beach Gardens419
Police OfficerMichelle RosePalm Beach Gardens199
Police OfficerJames ShackelfordPDFPalm Beach Gardens153Traffic/Motor
Police OfficerJason SharonPalm Beach Gardens331CIU
Police OfficerMichael StelichaPDFPalm Beach Gardens181K-9
Police OfficerThomas StevensonPalm Beach Gardens353DEA
Police OfficerWilliam StigglePalm Beach Gardens375Traffic/Motor
Police OfficerAndrew TallichetPalm Beach Gardens350TAC
Police OfficerAvrham TawilPalm Beach Gardens266
Police OfficerBrian TiyalogluPalm Beach Gardens440
Police OfficerBenjamin TrianaPDFPalm Beach Gardens407
Police OfficerMatt TumanPDFPalm Beach Gardens188
Police OfficerCecil WagnerPDFPalm Beach Gardens179
Police OfficerDarrin WalkerPDFPalm Beach Gardens263
Police OfficerMark ZakianPDFPalm Beach Gardens215K-9
CaptainGlenn WrightPDFPalm Beach Gardens
Police OfficerMaria BarcaroPDFPalm Beach Gardens
Police OfficerChris BarcaPDFPalm Beach Gardens
Police OfficerJack SchnurPDFPalm Beach Gardens
SergeantPaul RogersPDFPalm Beach Gardens
Police OfficerTiffany BogardPDFPalm Beach Gardens
PositionOfficer NameRecordPolice Dept.Badge NumberCurrent Assignment

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